PontaChina Solutions – Your Affordable Virtual Office in China!

PontaChina Solutions is your affordable virtual office based in China for your business. We offer virtual office services, such as translation between Chinese and English, project management and business development.

Why PontaChina Solutions?

PontaChina is Pont-a-China meaning Bridge to China, taking the meaning of the French word Pont. We know PontaChina is a very new name in the world of business. And we also know well that you may have never really heard of it before.

Founded by Claire Yang in 2020, this brand new service provider will be focusing on serving as a bridge between China and the rest of the world with the services described here.

Before moving back to China from Europe with this idea in mind, Claire has got the opportunity to travel to many countries across quite a few continents in the world.

She has gained quite some experience working with people from very different cultural backgrounds in the international environment for more than a decade. In the past few years, she has been working in the business world as an independent freelancer. She has provided services along the same business line to individuals and companies from many countries on various types of projects.

Soon enough, with the quality works she has delivered and the principles she has been sticking to, more and more and more long-term relationships with companies outside China with her have been established.

Some of her clients have started to consider working with her as their business partners. Some others have introduced her to their friends who also need quality services that she has provided to them. Her reputation in the business has become known through word of mouth.

A Step Forward – the Birth of a Branded “Virtual Office in China” Service Provider

Finally, she has made a step forward to build her own service brand for an affordable virtual office in China as an independent provider. Being stationed in China, she will ensure that even better services will be offered.

What PontaChina Solutions Cares About the Most?

We are keen on providing only top-notch services for your business development and growth in China.

We will go extra miles to make your investment worth much more. Having your goals reached is all we will be focusing on since your satisfaction means everything for PontaChina Solutions.