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PontaChina is your affordable virtual office for business and your reliable local representative in China. We do translations between English and Chinese, project management & business development.

PontaChina Solutions is your affordable virtual office for business in China. As a matter of fact, we aim at serving as your reliable local representative or contact point in China. We are here not only to offer translation services between English and Chinese but also to manage your projects. What’s more, we also aim at helping you develop your business in the Chinese market.

Services We Provide at PontaChina Solutions

1. Top-quality translations between Chinese and English

Accuracy is what we are after. It is the rule number one we stick to. Plenty of research will be carried out for every translation project we are granted. Last but not least, we have both native English and Chinese language experts to run the final proofreading before delivery.

2. Management of your projects related to China

With us, you will get all you need to get something made in China in one go. Our one-stop service package covers raw material sourcing for new product development, production management, and post-production logistics arrangement, etc.

A professional workflow will be provided upon your first inquiry. And a status report will be available whenever you need it after a project has been launched. Through PontaChina Solutions, you will be able to realize your business ideas efficiently at ease.

3. Development of your business in the Chinese market

Entering the Chinese market is not a trivial thing for foreign business owners. It is the case especially for startups and small to medium size companies with gazillions of things to look after with very much limited manpower.

We are stationed in China. As a result, we have a good grasp of the Chinese market and the Chinese consumer’s mentality. We will perform services such as sales & marketing, customer support, and customer retention, etc. through diligent research work for your growth.

It Has Never Been so Easy to Get Your Own Virtual Office in China!

With us, you will be able to free yourself from looking for someone every time you need something related to China done. Working with us, we will help you grow rapidly with our one-stop service package.

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